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Nyamoumba fishing lodge provides great fishing all year round. We have 3 fully equipped, imported pontoon fishing boats available for hire at $200 per day plus fuel. Fishing tackle is available but guests are welcome bring their own.

Our experienced skipper will guide you to the best fishing locations along the river where you can spend the day fishing. At Nyamoumba we support the catch and release policy but do allow guests to take their catch out of the water for weighing and photographs, provided the fish is handled with care.

Tigerfish are know to be one of the hardest fighting freshwater game fish in Africa.

Bird Watching

With over 400 species, bird life is abundant along the banks of the Zambezi River with bird watching opportunities all year round. There are a variety of avifauna found in and around the Nyamoumba Lodge area including the majestic Fish Eagle, the rare and beautiful Pel’s Fishing Owl, the Bat Hawk, the White Backed Night Heron, the Ground Hornbill, the Giant Eagle Owl, the Carmine Bee Eater and many more. Bring along your binoculars and see how many birds you can identify.

With over 400 species, bird life is abundant along the banks of the Zambezi River.

Game Viewing

There is nothing better than viewing and photographing nature in an untouched and pure state. Let our guide take you on a afternoon/sunset cruise down the river where you can relax while watching a family of hippos, a group of elephants pull and eat the leaves of the indigenous trees or witness the huge crocodiles basking in the sun. The African sunset is truly a site to behold and we urge guests to take advantage of this unforgettable activity.